For me, poetry is the ultimate creative challenge. Finding a string of words that flows rhythmically and expresses my feelings leaves me with a rush.

Often my poems come out of a quit place. After I’ve been sitting with a thought, feeling, or word for awhile, the line of a poem will emerge. Sometimes this happens while I am editing a photograph. Other times, it will be during my morning journaling.

Not all of my lines of poetry end up in a final poem. Although I am trying to do better, I do not even write a lot of them down. I recently purchased a little notebook to carry with me in the hopes that more of them find a place in the world outside of my mind.


The subject of my poetry is often love in one form or another. I truly believe that love is the most powerful form of motivation, and whether we are searching for or holding onto love, it can move us on an endless journey. Here I write about passionate love, friendship, family, and parenthood. I explore my feelings for myself – the darker parts of my mind that need more love as well as the parts I am proud to show off.

Recently, I’ve limited the images of my daughter I share online. However, so much of my poetry is linked to my role as a mother. For that reason, you may find a poem inspired by a specific image of my daughter without the accompanying photograph. While the words are my own, the image is also part of her. And for that reason, I will often switch out the image.

While my favorite form of poetry is the sonnet, I write in whichever form I feel best fits my intentions. Here you will find free verse, Haiku, sonnets, and more.

Recent Poems

Below are a few of my poems shared along with an image that either inspired the poem or I found fit well with it. Please click on the title of the poem to be taken to the full post. You can find all of my poems under the Poetry category on the blog.