Recently, my husband and I took a trip to the Dominican Republic. This was our second time visiting the Caribbean island. Our first trip was for our honeymoon back in 2016. This time around, we went with a group of friends to celebrate a destination wedding.

For the most part, my camera stayed in our room. If I am being honest, tropical isles are not what get my creativity flowing. Still, there were a few moments from the trip in which I am glad I had my camera with me.

The first was for catching the sunrises. There is really only two times of day I like being on sandy beaches: sunrise and sunset. Since we were on the East side of the island, that meant waking up to catch the sun before the day began.

We were lucky to have beautiful weather the entire trip! The days were full of blue skies and cool breezes, and there were just enough clouds at sunrise to turn the horizon into magic.

I packed my tri-pod and ND filter in order to catch long exposures on the beach at sunrise. I also captured a few frames using intentional camera movement (ICM) techniques. ICM is one of my favorite creative techniques, and the beach is one of my favorite places to use it. The painterly results just make me want to swoon!

The second was our trip to Scape Park, which is an adventure park in Cap Cana. We spent the day zip lining, swimming, and exploring Iguabonita Cave. The design of the park is similar to that of an open area zoo, but the lighting inside the cave and views hiking to and from the entrance were my favorite parts of the day.

Back in 2016, we took a tour of Santo Domingo. To this day it has been one of my favorite activities I’ve done while on a vacation. While we didn’t take a city tour this time around, it was still nice to see bits and pieces of everyday life while we traveled between the airport, restore, and the park.

Overall, the trip was a wonderful way to get away from the cold here in Kentucky.

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